Delphi main info that are a must know

In order to solve a problem using a computer, you need to define a finite set
of actions that operate on certain data or, in other words, to define an
algorithm. An algorithm expressed in a programming language is a computer
program, and its actions are described as programming language instructions.

One or more actions performed on certain data can be encapsulated in the
Object Pascal language as a routine or a class. In Object Pascal, routines are
called functions. If a function does not return a value, it is called a
procedure. Classes are the corner stones of object-oriented programming,
which is the most important approach to building apps in Object Pascal.
Objects group the data and the operations performed on this data together,
providing encapsulation and reusability.

The simplest possible type of program that can be written in Delphi is a
console application. It does not contain any graphical user interface. Console
programs can be executed from the command prompt and can optionally take
command-line parameters. A console application may output some text back
to the command line, perform some calculations, process files, or
communicate with remote services running somewhere on the internet. Let’s create a simple Delphi console app. It will be an interactive program
that will take our name from the command line and will display a greeting. In
the File menu, select New and Other. In the New Items window, make sure
that the Delphi Projects node is selected, and double-click on the Console
Application icon:

Always save a new project into an empty folder. Enter Greeter as the name
of the new project and click on OK. Notice that the IDE has changed the
identifier in the first line of the code and, also, the name of the file where the
program is stored. Every Delphi executable program source code needs to
start from the Object Pascal keyword, program, followed by the name of the

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